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The Smithsonian Latino Center will open it’s first-ever physical gallery space, at the National Museum of American History in 2021.

The Molina Family Latino Gallery will present bilingual stories for multigenerational and cross-cultural audiences that feature multimedia, physical objects, and first person voices. The inaugural exhibition, “Making Home: Latino Stories of Community and Belonging,” reveals how Latinos have shaped the nation since before it’s founding. Visitors will be invited to reexamine what they know about Latinos and U.S. history through public and educational programming, and immersive digital experiences designed to extend and enhance the museum visit beyond the walls of the Smithsonian.

The Molina Family Latino Gallery is named in recognition of the Smithsonian Latino Center’s lead donors, the five children of Dr. C. David Molina who collectively made a donation of $10 million to support the gallery. The gallery is also supported by Target, the first corporate founding donor, with it’s gift to the Smithsonian Latino Center of $2 million.

To join the Latino Center’s familia and help bring this groundbreaking exhibition space to life, please visit our Support Page.

Museum Environments/Branded Environments LLC has been selected to design the gallery space.