The Smithsonian Latino Center develops programs that increase the Latino presence throughout the Smithsonian, advance Latino arts and artists nationwide and offer professional development for the next generation of Latino museum professionals.


Latino Initiatives Pool (LIP)

LIP is a source of federal funds that supports research, exhibitions, public and educational programs, web content, and collections and archives throughout the Smithsonian's museums, research centers and zoo. Proposals for funding are reviewed through a competitive panel process, and approved by the Smithsonian Under Secretary for History, Art, and Culture. Outside agencies are not eligible to receive funds but are encouraged to collaborate with Smithsonian museums, research centers and programs.

Latino Curatorial Initiative

Since 2010, the Latino Center has provided funding for Smithsonian museums to hire curators with expertise in Latino history, art and culture. These curators conduct research, organize exhibitions and public programs, inform educational programs and web content, and build collections and archives that reflect the contributions of Latinos to the U.S. Funding is provided in a five-year phased approach, allowing each museum to raise enough funds to permanently establish the positions.

Latino Working Committee (LWC)

The LWC represents Latino and Latina employees at the Smithsonian, acting as an information clearinghouse and promoting the recruitment, hiring, retention and promotion of Latino and Latina staff, fellows and interns at the Institution. The Committee can assist outside entities interested in learning more about Latino happenings at the Smithsonian, and in identifying Smithsonian scholars and other experts, including those who can participate in Hispanic Heritage Month programs.


Latino Art Now (LAN)

LAN is a bi or triennial convention of artists, curators, collectors, scholars, art writers, museum and gallery professionals, and educators designed to advance the Latino Art field in the U.S. The Smithsonian Latino Center's principal partner is the Inter-University Programs for Latino Research (IUPLR), currently based at the University of Illinois-Chicago. LAN shifts venues to ensure geographic representation, and enjoys the generous support of local Latino cultural organizations, government arts agencies, foundations and corporations.

Latino Network, American Alliance of Museums

The Alliance's Latino Network is a growing assembly of Latino and Latina museum professionals that functions as an information clearinghouse. Its programs, which include gatherings at the Alliance's annual convention supported by the Smithsonian Latino Center, are designed to build the network and advance the professional development of its members. Traditionally, Smithsonian Latino Center staff and Smithsonian Latino and Latina curators function in leadership roles within the Network.

Inter-University Program for Latino Research (IUPLR)

IUPLR is a national network of university Latino studies programs dedicated to raising the quality and scope of research about Latino communities, fostering strong institutional presence for Latino research, maintaining the voice of Latino researchers in national forums, and establishing a link between the Latino research community and the public policy arena. IUPLR is also principal sponsor and co-organizer of Latino Art Now. IUPLR is currently based at the University of Illinois, Chicago. The Smithsonian Latino Center is a member of the network.

National Association of Latino Art and Culture (NALAC)

NALAC is a national service organization for the Latino arts and cultural field, stimulating and facilitating intergenerational dialogue among disciplines, languages, and traditional and contemporary expressions, advocating for funding equity within the public and private sectors, and supporting the organizational and programmatic development of Latino arts and cultural organizations. NALAC convenes a conference and regular, regional training institutes for emerging Latino and Latina professionals in the arts and cultural field. NALAC is based in San Antonio, Texas.